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Data Synchronization inserted values into Generated Columns. Primary Key checkbox was deselected when tabbing to the next field in Table Designer. The deployment scripts generated incorrect default value in Structure Synchronization. Bug-fixes: Query result pane size did not retain after minimizing the window.

Paradox tables cannot be imported. Unknown Internal error occurred when importing data. Column order was incorrect when importing database to model. Bug-fixes: “Replace All” button was unable to replace the last occurrence in Query Editor. Code completion suggestion list did not show on the same screen as the editor. A table was mistakenly transferred even it was not selected. Incorrect syntax highlighting issue in Query Editor. Filter criteria input box was not retained when switching applications.

Drag and drop selected text on Query Editor did not move the text. Bug-fixes: “Cannot add foreign key constraint” error occurred when importing Access file. Code completion box displayed off the bottom of the screen and partially obscured. Boolean or BIT 1 values importing, exporting and transferring issue. Copying table field names in Table Designer was slow. Table Form view was unable to show jpg images.

Console window was not colored when connection coloring were set. List index out of bounds error occurred when inserting data in Table Viewer. Unable to shrink the last column on the Process List tab in Server Monitor. Improvements: Added the “Compare owners” option in Structure Synchronization.

Bug-fixes: Slow performance when editing users or roles. Floating point numbers were rounded to decimals when import. Bug-fixes: Custom Filter was cleared when editing it. HTML export did not specify charset. Cursor focus issue in Form View. Unable to scroll inside the text box in Form View. Structure Synchronization compared table options. Esc shortcut did not work when error occurred during deleting records.

Error occurred when renaming an existing column and adding a new one. Filter value did not displayed when the string exceeded characters. Unable to display the columns list in Table Designer’s Index tab when there was no index. Unable to apply Filter profile. Unable to scroll to right in Filter Wizard. Opening Design Table froze in large database. Import Target and Field Mapping changed after changing the source file in profile.

Improvements: Improved Filter Wizard. Supported expression for default field value in Table Designer. Bug-fixes: Crashed when applying filter in Foreign Key Selection window.

Structure Synchronization detected differences after synchronizing. Incorrect unique values were imported from. Crashed when saving the modified field names in some cases.

Bug Fixes: error occurred when saving a task schedule. Syntax error occurred when updating MySQL user password. Transaction did not end after closing the table in some cases. Bug Fixes: Unable to transfer objects between different server types by drag-and-drop. Zero decimal place digits were not displayed in Table Viewer.

Exported SQL file did not have table name when exporting an unsaved query. Syntax error occurred when importing CSV files in some cases. Unable to change the Tab Width in Query Editor. Unable to edit query results when tables had alias. Procedure parameters were missing in the scripts generated by Structure Synchronization.

Unknown Internal Error occurred when Automation ran. Unable to transfer tables with HEX format. Encoding issue of the exported text file. Bug Fixes: “Access Violation” error occurred when creating new connections in fresh installed Navicat. Bug Fixes: Unable to create a query inside a group. The color of function keywords did not change according to the Font Color settings in Options. Column width did not retain after hide and show the column in Table Viewer.

Unable to drag and drop a query into a group in some cases. Unable to edit query results in some cases. Unable to disable Foreign Key constraint in Data Synchronization. Crashed when dumping table to sql file in some cases. Foreign Key constraint issue in Import Wizard. Code completion replaced the text after caret. Exported files or reports were not attached to the notification email.

Keepalive Interval setting attempted to connect continuously even the database was down. If a query was opened, abnormal behavior happened when closing Navicat.

Automation did not start when the computer was logged out. Unable to create new table with primary key settings in Import Wizard. Extra newlines were added to the SQL exported from Model. Wrong datestamp was appended to the exported files. Slow issue when searching in Table Viewer. Unable to move functions into a group. Syntax error occurred when running query in some cases. Unable to select Enum data in query results.

Exported Excel files were corrupted in some cases. Bug Fixes: Error occurred when synchronizing structure in some cases. Replace All did not work in Table Viewer. Error occurred when running query in some cases. Adding self-referencing table issue in Query Builder. Bug Fixes: Out of memory issue when running Data Transfer.

Export Float data to csv files issue. Syntax error occurred when synchronizing MySQL functions. Crashed when importing Excel or Text files in some cases. Opening large databases in List View took long time.

Unable to show query files with “. SQL” extension in Objects tab. Print report to PDF command wrongly sent the report to printer. Null date values were exported wrongly as “” in Excel files. Tables Viewer displayed wrong number of digits. Input parameter window did not pop up when exporting query. High CPU usage issue. Unable to connect Sphinx servers. Swapping connections did not work when re-comparing in Data Synchronization.

Syntax errors occurred when running query in some cases. Unknown Internal error occurred when performing Structure Synchronization. Query syntax highlight was wrong after switching tabs. Unable to export table to xlsx with name longer than 31 characters.

Hanged when searching in Table Viewer in some cases. Manual refresh did not work in Server Monitor when auto-refresh was enabled. Unknown Internal Error occurred when performing Structure Synchronization. Bug Fixes: Fixed exporting numbers to Excel issue. Fixed importing connections with Settings Location issue. Fixed ER diagram layout issue.

Table groups were not synchronized to other members in Navicat Cloud. Add Index statements were generated wrongly when opening Table Designer. Unable to save function after changing parameter names. Unable to import DBF files. Identifiers panel retained when opening new query window. Access denied error occurred when transferring tables with triggers in some cases.

The Stop button in Export Wizard did not work properly. Unknown Internal Error occurred when typing in Query Editor. Bug Fixes: Structure Synchronization detected differences wrongly in some cases. Record delimiter was wrong when exporting to text file using Automation. Table Viewer moved back to the first page when refreshing a table.

Characters displayed wrongly in Table Viewer. Unable to select fields when exporting to Excel file. Bug Fixes: Wrongly shown differences when synchronizing structure.

The DDL tab in Information pane did not updated after saving changes in sub forms. Unable to schedule Data Synchronization profiles. Syntax error occurred when filtering with ‘ character in Table Viewer. Compared table comments in Structure Synchronization.

Input decimal separator issue in Table Viewer. Query Builder loading was slow. Custom backup file name was ignored when scheduling in Automation. Re-registration issue. Unable to create new table in Import Wizard in some cases. Bug Fixes: Table triggers was not included when backing up tables. Navicat hanged when running a query export profile in some cases. Special characters were garbled when exporting Access files. Unknown Internal error occurred when exporting Access files. Unknown Internal error occurred when saving changes in Table Designer.

Double-quote encased text fields were split into new records when importing a record which multiple lines. Syntax error occurred when performing data transfer in some cases. Unknown Internal error occurred when adding multiple records in Table Viewer. Two identical functions declared as different in Structure Synchronization. Bug Fixes: Unable to open Information pane by context menu. Unable to import fixed width text file in some cases.

Access Violation error occurred after Navicat was idle. Number values were exported as text in Excel files. Code completion did not work for alias in SQL Editor. Unknown Internal error occurred when running query with parameters. Table menu displayed wrong item in some cases. Unknown Internal error occurred when running old version export profiles in Automation. Unknown Internal error occurred when opening tables in some cases. High memory usage issue in Data Synchronization. Unknown Internal error occurred when writing query in some cases.

Unknown Internal error occurred when backup in Automation in some cases. Hang issue occurred when launching Import Wizard. Unable to connect with SSL in some cases. Unable to import Chinese characters from Excel files. Incorrect date and decimal formats in exported Excel files. Filter criteria settings were removed when applying sorting on column. Unknown Internal Error occurred when executing old version export profiles in Batch Job. Save dialog did not pop up when closing backup profiles after editing.

File path and file name were not saved in Export profiles. Unknown Internal Error occurred when there was multiple statements in Query. Incorrect field names were shown in code completion suggestion list. Unable to attach the report PDF file in notification email. Unable to show field names in data pipeline after editing SQL in Report. Beautify SQL formatted the statement wrongly in some cases.

Connection coloring displayed wrong color in some cases. Bug Fixes: Wrong table showed when comparing tables in Data Synchronization in some cases. Unable to import special characters from Excel. Unable to paste multiple records in Table Viewer. Created Batch Jobs did not show in Standard Edition. View Builder locked up when re-open for editing in some cases. Wrongly showed primary key warning in some cases. Unable to type some characters in editor when using international keyboard. Unable to edit connection settings in some cases.

Information Pane did not appear in some cases. Internal error occurred when importing CSV files. Cell values froze when scrolling in grid view. Bug Fixes: error occurred when dumping SQL files. Failed to load Data Synchronization profiles. Data display issues in table viewer. On Startup: open favorite tabs automatically when Navicat launches.

Code Snippet. Advanced Code Completion with better suggestions. Brand new Structure Synchronization: visually show side-by-side DDL comparison between two databases. Brand new Data Synchronization: show particular status to distinguish the differences between records easily.

New Automation: easy to find desired profiles and create automated batch jobs. Responsiveness and performance improved. Many other new features and improvements. Bug Fixes: Error occurred when exporting with Time field type. Bug Fixes: Minor bug fixes and improvements. Crashed when using Query in some cases.

Query auto-save feature did not work in some cases. Fixed the sorting issue in Table Viewer. Improvements: Support inputting tabs in the editor of Table Designer. Bug Fixes: The media keys play, pause, next etc did not work.

Unable to connect MariaDB 5. Failed to transfer data in Chinese locale OS. Crashed when synchronizing model to database in some cases. Unable to show the light coloring when the tab is non-active. Bug Fixes: The datetime field values were inconsistent in exported file. Error occurred when logging in Navicat Cloud if profile path contained Unicode. Posted by taintal at 年03月19日 community with horror writers and there’s some really great stuff being published.

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Pre-defined backup plan templates – The Macrium Reflect scheduling engine is pre-loaded with templates for traditional, Incremental forever, or you can create your own custom plan. Incrementals forever – An efficient method to continuously maintain a defined number of the most recent incremental backups.

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Simplifies management of backup chains. Custom backup plan support – Allows administrators the flexibility of creating custom backup plans that provide the level of protection they require. Provides instant boot of failed systems for business continuity. More Pages to Explore Latest Images. December 8, , pm. Error occurred at Keithley Series. You can create, open, extend, test and export font families, variable OpenType fonts, color fonts and web fonts for any Unicode writing system..

Navicat Premium FontLab VI 6.



Navicat premium 12.1.6 crack free download

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