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In Crocodoc v1, images in word documents rendered fine. Now, in v2, images are replaced with “Error! Cannot read or display file.

But when I upload to Crocodoc, I get the above error. Any thoughts? There are several changes in the way we handle Word documents in v2 that unfortunately cause a handful of documents to no longer be fully supported. While I cannot go into specifics, the changes were made almost entirely for security and privacy reasons. I apologize for the inconvenience. I can lock a document to be accessed only from my domain? I would like to provide user ability to search within documents.

Technically I can do text indexing and searching on my own, without using text extraction feature. On result of a search I have, in general, multiple occurences of matching word or phrase and I know their place in the document, say page number, paragraph number, text line number. What would be nice this is to have a programmatical access via API to navigate to a specific page or even to scroll to exact line of text in a document e. Are you going in any near future to expose navigation api somehow?

We currently support scrolling to a given page but not a location within a page using our docviewer. Will you be implementing Google Drive support or integration in the near future? IMO that would make Crocodoc a killer app Hi, As of right now, it is not on our roadmap, but we are considering it! Thanks for the suggestion. I am using correct evaluation token key for uploading a document but its not happening?

I am passing the correct token “XYZ”. It looks like you are trying to use AJAX to make the request. Our API is designed for server-side use. Cheers, Peter. Hi Daniel, when embedding fonts, chinese characters should look correct.

We use unicode encoding to make sure that these characters display correctly. Is it possible to upload a new document and thereby keeping the comments from the older version? We want to switch using crocodoc in our workflow, but we keep on losing the comments every time we make a new version. Thx Erik. Hi Erik, Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately, as of right now, there is no way of implementing this feature.

My apologies for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t yet supported by Crocodoc. But the feature is on our radar!

I am using the developer trial API. I upload a file that has no file extension but are actually a document. I keep getting “unsupported file type” error. Does all uploaded file have to have the correct extension in the filename? Hi Azrul, We detect the doc type using it’s content-type header. If the content-type is missing, we try using its extension. It seems like your files may both be missing it’s content-type and extension. But it is the token ID in the dashboard. Could someone please help.

Thank you. The hyperlinks in ppt are not working after conversion by crocodoc. How one can allow user to click on it? Crocodoc does not currently detect URLs within any documents and make them clickable.

This a feature we hope to add soon! After conversion these links become plain text. Please suggest. Is this possible? Each document needs to have its own context which is why, on the demo page, you’ll see that every example document is actually within it’s own iframe! Feel free to give me a call if you need more clarification. My number is – This is a cross-domain issue on using JavaScript: Can anyone explain what is wrong with the following code?

Using Crocodoc the documents look good on a desktop but the font-size is too small on mobile. Does anyone know of a way to address this UX issue? Hi Tim, By default, we set the document to fit-width in a way we feel is consistent with how most document viewers behave. Would you mind sending us a screenshot of the issues that you are seeing? That would help me more concretely understand your UI concerns and recommend solutions.

Hi, How can we trigger a download? I tried both but neither seem to work. However, adding a download link to the “editor” works fine. But we want our own download link. Kind regards. I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the differences between the android webviews and the typical android browser.

It sounds like the webview may not be properly respecting the font-size changes, which are what cause the images to scale. Are there known differences in how the webview and the browser handle font-sizes? As Crocodoc doesn’t store our original file, how long will Crocodoc store the converted file for us?

Where does it list all my uploaded files? Can I download the converted file with pdf format? Just take a look at our API. Hi team, I want to integrate Crocodoc in my C web site. With disable document download option. Any way to solve my issue.

Hi Rajeesh, Thank you for trying out Crocodoc! Unfortunately, at this time, we do not yet have a C library written yet. We are working on one however. I’m trying to setup notifications and got one question.

Example: 1. User adds highlight – my server receives notification with uuid of document and uuid of highlight. User adds comment to highlight – my server receives notification with uuid of document and uuid of highlight, but there is no link to highlight. So question is how i can link those 2 notifications together? Hi Alex, Thanks for the suggestion! We know this is a limitation of our Webhooks API. We’re hoping to address it in future updates, but as of now, it’s best designed for newsfeed-like updates.

Thanks again for your question, and I’ll send along your feedback to the developers. Feel free to contact Peter, our lead developer, directly at peter crocodoc. We’d love to see what you come up with– I hope you’ll share your integration with us once you’re done! All best, and let us know if you have any more questions, Zoelle.

Does Crocodoc support rendering PDF annotations? They show up in the thumbnail returned from Crocodoc, but the rendered document seems to strip them out. Unfortunately, at present we don’t render annotations, but we know this feature is of great importance to our community, and we’re working on it!

Thank you guys!!!! Hi Alex, Unfortunately, at present this is no way to create a permanent session, so you’ll always have to create a new session in order to view your documents using our API. We know this something that our community really wants, though, so it may be available in the future we’ll keep you posted!

As for generating the session, our API is designed to support only server-side session creation. Cheers, Zoelle. Hi All, Please could you all post the quote you received from Crocodoc?

I feel they are taking me for a ride. It’s taken me sometime to develop the my code which plugs into the API. I’m about there with it and I’ve asked Crocodoc to requote me. I find this overkill and overpriced. How can it increase 5X in 8 months? I’d like to know what you’ve all recently been quoted in the last few months. Regards, Stephen.

Hi Stephen, I’m so sorry that you feel misled by our pricing– that indicates a failure in communication, and for that, we apologize. In the interest of being as transparent as possible, let me explain the thought behind the change. We did, however, increase the minimum document volume to better reflect the volumes that the majority of our customers use. In the interest of streamlining our offerings, when we made the change from API v1 to API v2, we adjusted our pricing plans to reflect those volumes.

We’ve also made available a number of features in this minimum plan that were previously only available to much higher volume customers, including option to white label and Amazon S3 storage integration. We know we have a responsibility to be open with our community, and we’ll try to be more communicative going forward. We are considering reinstating a lower volume threshold plan, so we appreciate the feedback, and will be in touch to figure out a plan that better fits your needs.

Thank you for reaching out, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions or concerns!

All best, Zoelle. Ah, should have seen this before. For feedback sake – somehow we were under the impression that there is a docs minimum plan someone told us, our fault that we did not verify by asking and went ahead and spent a few hours of development time integrating Crocodoc into our app.

Wanted to go live and heard back from head of biz dev about the minimum of he did offer to lower it to That is just too many documents for us and I would imagine, for most other rank new startup launches — but I guess we are not your target customer segment. It would be massively helpful if you guys can mention the pricing on your site, so we can make more informed upfront decision about using Crocodoc.

This a teeny bit frustrating, as it is an awesome product and we would have loved to let our usage grow organically. I am impressed by your Viewer control and we are planning to purchase but the only problem is the files need to be uploaded on your server which we don’t want? Are u having any workaround for that?

Hi Rick, We might have some other solutions for you. Why don’t you drop a line to support crocodoc. Thanks, Zoelle. An absolute relative is but one individuals who overlooks your current outages in addition to tolerates your current positive results.

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Perhaps Graven image will want you to pay a handful inaccurate visitors before discussion the right one, in order for when you at last satisfy the specific, in this article recognize how to just be gracious. We are trying to test out custom CSS for our viewer. While the test viewer on our CSS page allows us to edit the CSS and view it, it doesn’t seem to change any of documents.

Is this because it is not available for evaluation mode? Thanks, Erik. Custom CSS would only affect the appearance of your viewer. Does Crocodoc plan to add the ability to save frequently used comments as preset comments that can be quickly inserted into a document? This functionality is often called stamps in other document annotators. This functionality would be beneficial to teachers while grading and other types of editing and would save time typing comments frequently made on many documents.

Hi Dallas, Thanks for the suggestion! It’s always really helpful to understand how members of our community hope to use our technology. I’ll be sure to pass this along to the rest of the team. Thanks for using Crocodoc, Zoelle. I’m trying to embed a document using the docviewer. I’m using this approach instead of the iframe way because I want to be notified whenever the document changes using the events provided by the API.

The problem is that by using the docviewer. The documentation provides an example on how to add toolbars, but I would like to show all the default toolbars zooming, pagination, annotations exactly as it is in the iframe version. Is this currently possible? Hi there, Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to enable our default toolbar using docviewer. Thanks, and let me know if there’s any other questions I can help answer, Zoelle. I’m trying to implement real time document collaboration using Crocodoc.

The documentation doesn’t specify this, but does the document. Hi there, Docviewer. Thanks, and let me know if you have any other questions, Zoelle. Is there something extra needed to activate the real-time editing feature for documents changes reflected automatically for other viewers of the document? But the documents I have created don’t reflect the changes in real time.

Any help appreciated. Hi there, Real time annotations are not currently supported, but we know this feature is important to our users, so we’re working on it! Thanks for your patience, Zoelle. Is Crocodoc planning to support other types of documents outside of the Microsoft Office suite, such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, OpenOffice, text files, etc.?

Hi Elizabeth, Currently we’re focused on making the best possible experience for Office documents and PDFs, but we’re always looking to improve Crocodoc, and those filetypes are definitely on our list! Hi Etienne, Unfortunately, for security reasons you can’t currently turn on full screen mode from inside the Crocodoc viewer.

However, there are a number of ways to enable that functionality yourself. Hi Etienne, This looks great! We’d love to see it in action, if you have it up and running!

A real mate merely which overlooks your own flops combined with tolerates your own successes. Do not ever look down upon, despite the fact that a person is ridiculous, while you do not no who has becoming motivated by your entire satisfaction. I am trying to access my crocodoc account and have no issues with logging in but for some reason it keeps on logging me out automatically if I do anything.

Can someone explain why this is happening? Hi there, If you’re using IE8 or lower, you may be running into a bug some users of those browsers encounter. While we work to resolve it, you can access your account from other browsers. So sorry for the inconvenience, and we’ll let you know as soon as this issue is resolved. I’m interested in using the event handling and doc display functionality of docviewer. Is there a way to get both? Hi Jeremy, You can absolutely use annotation tools with docviewer.

Check out the docviewer. Is it possible to send Croc information to highlight text that was indexed by an external search engine? Hi Rob, Unfortunately, that functionality is not currently supported, but I’ll make sure that the team is aware that it would be useful. The lack of this one feature has us desperately searching for a Crocodoc replacement!!! I am getting an error as ‘An error occured while converting this document. Status code is after creating the session, but the above error occurs on preview the document.

Hi Anoop, If you email support crocodoc. Thanks so much, Zoelle. Hi Zoelle, Thanks for the quick response and i have done email to support.

Could you please explain the complete flow for previewing a document. Suppose we have uploaded 3 documents for conversion, do we need to save all 3 uuid in our db? Regards, Anoop. Store the returned uuid in your database. Use the returned session token to create the viewing URL. Users do need to keep track of their document uuids on their own, since for security reasons we don’t expose a way to fetch all document uuids for a given account. Does that answer your question? Let me know if not, and I can help to clarify.

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Your main natural talent and kindness in touching every part was useful. I am not sure what I would’ve done if I hadn’t discovered such a stuff like this. It’s possible to at this point relish my future. Thanks so much for this reliable and effective guide. I will not hesitate to propose the blog to any individual who needs and wants care on this situation. Is there an upper limit on the file sizes you support, if so what is the max size?

I’m looking for a way to do a single page view instead of a scrolling document page after page. I am using docviewer. I may just be overlooking it, but it would be nice if I could be pointed in the right direction.

Hi there! We’re currently working on a slideshow mode, but in the meantime if you go to our docviewer. Think of this trip possible targets, serve the country to make a gesture, in the subordinate wondering gaze to suspend live follow steps. Even large debris from the floor, are quietly carried away. But this sentence has he said half a quarter of an hour before that, when ghd see a mad wolf in the roar of five meters in front of them, and treat them as hunting objects, Sirius did Without hesitation, suddenly become big dog rushed up.

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And the afternoon, the Minister of magic immediately send letter to visit, north face finally go to the bathroom to clean up their. Would it be possible to add an option where PDF and Excel documents can be viewed on a continuous sheet instead of split into visible pages?

This will maximize the horizontal width for web viewing my guess is most online readers don’t care where the page breaks in the original file are.

It will also be a way around current issues with Excel elements sometimes being broken up by page breaks. Hi Plamen, Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure that the team is aware that a mode like that would be useful for you. Good design support. Offtopic: When will the new series of “Big Bang Theory? When you download teh annotated PDF from Crocodoc, is there a way to get the sticky note comments to print?

Thanks, Mary. Hi Mary, You should be able to print comments added in Crocodoc- could you direct me to a sample document where it’s not working? You are not right. I am assured. Write to me in PM, we will discuss. But I will return – I will necessarily write that I think. For a lot of folks right now money is very tight, and as a result of this men and women are attempting to discover ways that they are able to supplement or even replace their current income.

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Nice post! Hi Renee, We don’t currently have any documentation on accessibility, but if you let me know what specifically you’d like to see, I can make sure it is created in the future — what do you have in mind, specifically? Would love to see you adopt support for the free and open format as well as the proprietary ones. Hi John, While we are focusing on big formats, as you noted, we know it’s a priority for many of our customers to get support for more open formats.

It’s definitely on the list! However, when I queried the status, Crocodoc replies that there was an error and the message is “file too large”. I wasn’t aware that there were file size limitations. Are there? Is this an undocumented limitation of the evaluation mode account? Thanks, Steve. Hi Steve, The size limitation for all documents, both on evaluation and production accounts, is MB.

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Is it possible to modify the width and height of the viewer? Also, can it be responsive to the screen width? I tried a few things in the css, but had no luck. Thanks -Ivan. Hi Ivan, Just to clarify– are you using the iframe viewer or docviewer. With the iframe viewer, you’ll just need to make sure to use the css to style the iframe itself. In the case of docviewer. Hope this info will help you.

We’ve tried setting the widh and height properties of DocViewer. Is there any styling that will cause the Document Viewer to fill an entire webpage, so that the viewer scales as the browser window is resized? We’re using the Javascript method of embedding the viewer. Best, Zoelle. The only access I would obtain a lot of use out of a bag namely if I know I’m going to use it non-stop.

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Perhaps via some undocumented query string parameter? Hi Ari, Presently, there is no way to specify a page number in the iframe viewer, though that would be possible using docviewer.

February 5th I looked at this a llitte bit. There certainly are iFrames given certain ways of Stumbling. If I have the extension bar of my browser disabled and still stumble though the website. I see the iFrame. With the bar it seems to just interact with the website and do normal direct links.

Even with the iFrames I was still able to see the Google Analytics code within the frame, so even those should count. I can’t claim to understand how the numbers for a lot of us are going down, but at the moment this iFrame change does not seem to be it. What I have noticed is that once I got into a group of stumblers with people sending me stuff back and forth, I have not seen a SU spike.

So at least for me there is a corollary. Perhaps they are deweighting the share-wheels. In that they are trying to reduce the manipulation through the wheels.

Ok, I understand this to an extent, but if there are very few stumblers from outside the wheel due to low ratings, then how are things then rated? I don’t have many answers, just questions. I have not gotten great traffic from them, but it is nice to see a spike every so often. Hi, We have use cases where embedded Crocodoc files become part of automatic newsletters and article PDF’s. In those cases, we are currently suspending the dynamic iframe and showing the thumbnail instead.

But even at max supported size, it is too small for the user to get a sense of the doc. If we could request a full-size screenshot via the API, that would be awesome. Keep up the good work! Hi Plamen, I’ll be sure to tell the team that a full-sized thumbnail would be useful for you! Let me know if there are any other features you’d like to see. Postovani,ja sam samohrana majka. Ja sam u stalnom radnom odnosi,ali moja primanja ne pokrivaju sve potrebe.

Zanima me da li imam pravo na deciji dodatak ili bilo kakvu pomoc od drzave. Hvala unapred. When uploading my own file it is not giving me the option to Enable annotations to make changes of add comments. Does this work? Hi Renee, Are you uploading the document using our test console? That should work– could you email me at support crocodoc. I’ll try to figure out why you’re experiencing this issue. Will a hyperlinked section of a PDF file convert to a clickable entry in the converted format?

Hi John, Unfortunately, we do not currently support hyperlinks in our viewer, though that’s definitely a feature we’re working to provide in the future! Please help. Hi, Is there a way to change the email address associated with Crocodoc, I see a ‘Change Password’ setting but not a change email setting. Hi Ross, Right now, there isn’t an option to do that yourself, but I’ll bring that up with the team and see if we can add that to the dashboard.

In the meantime, do you want to drop me a line at support crocodoc. F”, “type”:2,”width” Economize using moncler outdoor jackets, Thank you for visiting the moncler online website using this, Certainly basically little selection overtax bill to moncler outwears. Hello, I am using a document having 3. But when I am trying to use it in my website its not displaying.

I got the session but when I tried to open the session in the viewer it says below error. Preview not Available An error occured while converting this document. Can you plz help me solving this issue.

Hi there, Have you been able to get any other documents to work on your website? If you send me at support crocodoc. I was trying to debug webhooks using the API test console and the Webhooks debugger. When creating a session I check the “editable” box and put the following user information: “1,Eran”. Then I created a comment and checked the Webhooks debugger where I got the following: “owner”: “,Eran” I’m getting instead of 1.

Hi Eran, Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention – it was a bug related to some recent database updates. We’ve resolved the issue, however, so everything should return to normal. Let me know if you experience this or any other problems going forward!

Its possible i print a document and the annotations without download first? I like to able the users to make annotations and print the file with annotations , and i can to block the download.

Its possible? Hi there, Unfortunately, that functionality is not currently supported. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hi, I’m planning to use Crocodoc for its real-time annotations. After converting a document I open it in two different browsers with different sessions then draw something in one browser but I cant see any updates in other browser. I need to reload iframe to see last added annotations. Reloading the iframe is the way of this?

Do I have to do something programmaticly for getting annotations real-time? Hi there, Unfortunately, real-time annotations are not supported for the current version of Crocodoc’s API. I’ll be sure to let the team know that real-time functionality would be useful for you.

Number of annotations, comments, etc I know this can be accomplished by setting up a listener for notifications pushed to our server but it seems like for those of us who just want the basic information it would be nice to not have to build it out and store it on our end. Just a thought. Right now we are going to build it out but seemed like a good extension on the API.

Hi Justin, Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to let the team know that functionality like that would come in handy for you. I’m using Crocodoc in the Canvas SpeedGrader and really appreciate the functionality it adds regarding annotations. The one thing that would make it just about perfect would be to add at least bold and italics but, preferably, rich text to the bubble annotations.

I frequently need to illustrate to students how certain parts of the document need to be rendered to be acceptable in APA format and trying to tell them how something something like specific kinds of words need to be italicized would be so much easier if I could just show them rather than tell them.

Is any feature like this planned? Hi Jerry, Glad to hear you’re liking the annotation feature. We’re always working on ways to improve our tools, so I’ll be sure to let the team know that rich text functionality would be useful for you. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m doing my custom viewer with docviewer. My sessions have the “isDownloadable” mode, but there are no api methods like. How am I supposed to do? Hi, There are 2 problems with this way of doing: The download with this api requires our token instead of a session key like doc viewing, even if we authorized document download when we gave the client the session key , so we have to proxy this through us, which complexify the code and uses bandwith for no reason.

The point of having the downloadable option when creating the session key is so that the client can download the document directly! We have to re-do ourselves the window that asks the client if they want to download the original version or the pdf version.

Hi Sebastien, That’s correct- at this this time you would have to proxy as described, and would have to recreate that window with download options. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I’ll be sure that the team knows that pre-building this functionality into docviewer. Feel free to refer to this pull request for more technical details. In the meanwhile we’ve also applied this patch to our official Moodstocks iPhone SDK that’s why we strongly encourage our API users to work with it as far as their iPhone apps are concerned.

Since the SDK provides a high-level abstraction, it makes easy to integrate our solution without getting your hands dirty with such technical stuff!

Hi, I just started the integration with Crocodocs and node. For the upload functionality seems like Crocodocs server requires the filename to have the correct extension, it seems to be ignore the content-type header which has the correct content type. I ran a few experiments that prove my hypothesis but would like Crocodocs to verify it.

Thanks in advance, Sunil. Hi Sunil, We do use the content-type header, but fall back onto the file extension if the content-type is unavailable or incomplete. Thanks, and let me know if you have any other questions. Is it possible to somehow separate annotations on the same file to several contexts?

I’m using the term “context” here because separation by users will not work in our case. The case is that the same document can be opened from different areas of our app and each should have different markups.

Hi there, This functionality is not currently supported, unfortunately, but I’ll make sure that the team knows it would be valuable for you! It might be something you could implement yourself if you built custom annotation tools on top of docviewer. I’m a teacher who uses the Edmodo web site, which uses Crocodoc for file annotation.

I was surprised to see that annotation support for plain text files was not supported, and they directed me here. What I’d love to see is 1 support for plaintext files say, ASCII or Unicode variants , and 2 the ability to map extensions to plaintext file types like.

Is this a feature that can be lit up, or is it in the backlog, or have you decided to not support this?

Hi there, You’re right that we don’t currently support previewing and annotations for plaintext files. We are constantly working to expand and improve our service, however, and we appreciate the feed back that this feature would be useful.

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There can be different styles also ranging from minimal clasps to make sure you tote baggage, Within , Rangers took part in the main season in the Scottish Sports Group, alongside another Seven clubs and then experienced Middle connected with Midlothian as part of their beginning gameplay, overcoming these individuals comfortably It’s strongly congratulated with a vital chain and additionally material handles which happen to be etched from the the word “Gucci.

I’m testing the PHP example and the text download feature fails: Example 12 – Download extracted text from a file. Is this functionality not working for evaluation accounts?

Hi Jim, Text extraction is a feature that needs to be turned on. If you drop me a line at support crocodoc. We’ve enabled text extraction for your account as this isn’t usually enabled for evaluation accounts. This should feature should now be working for you. Let us know if it isn’t. You Need to study this subject if you are Serious About Fitness, read articles from bodybuilding.

Knowledge is power Indeed when it comes to fitness. Can I make crocodoc API working with my application set on my localhost. Right now I’m getting false as the response from the API. If I can how should I set my account? That might be the reason that you’re unable to successfully work with the API.

If you contact me at support crocodoc. Is there a canonical way of handling security on webhook calls? We have a PHP app that we’d like to receive webhook calls with that would notify users on certain types of changes to the documents. Currently the webhook calls don’t appear to be signed or anything and I can seem to think of a good way to make sure that the POST calls coming into the webhook URL are actually from Crocodoc and not some random mischief maker.

If security is a serious concern, or if it’s essential to confirm that Crocodoc sent the webhook, you could only use the UUID s sent in the webhook and request the remaining details from the Crocodoc API directly.

AJ: Hey Lin Ping, way to go, loved your fall from the tree. You really are sohmneitg else! The branch couldn’t hold me. AJ: And you got to go to that cool place to get photos of your insides. LP: I was sleeping most of the time, they gave me a sharpie.

YZ: Mommie wont let me climb very far yet. YZ: Normally Mommie is calm and serene, now she is playful and plays tricks on me. LP: My Mommie too, she is always holding me down, dragging me and tumbling me. YZ: Yeah, and my Mommie uses all four paws and treats me like a ball. AJ: But the girlies like it and they will go ooooooh and awwwww! Hee Hee. Wait a few more months more then you can tell him.

AJ: Maybe his daddy Gao Gao will! I am the Son of Yang, born to bless the beauties. YZ: I dont understand.. AJ: You soon will, just enjoy the milk bar while it lasts. LP: My Mommie and I have been eating boo together. I like that. AJ: I love attacking her while she is eating her boo! YZ: YES! I learnt some of your moves and have attacked her butt and neck folds. Not the ears, leave the ears alone’ my Mommie is vain about her perfectly shaped ears, hee hee!

LP: gtg, my keeper wants to play. I think it is bath time. YZ: Bath? AJ: bb, cya. YZ: Tomorrow, log on same time? AJ: When the Mommie Monsters are asleep, hee hee. YZ: Panda Cubs Unite! AJ: Panda Cubs Unite! We, too, are very strict with quaranteen rules. Our entire zoo staff must remove their shoes upon arrival at the zoo and put on the pair there that have never touched anything but our zoo grounds, then redo the process on the way out.

I must say I enjoy the captions and notes you write for Molliei’s photos you keep me smiling or laughing whenever I need to.

I think that many of us here feel better to get information straight from you. I think the Chinese people, and especially the ones who choose to work with Pandas are very much like everybody else in the world and love our pandas as much as we do.

I love seeing videos in any language but Enslish sometimes, because if the subject is at all funnny there is laughter -and it sounds the same in all languages. I take it, by your comment, that Su has not pulled down a tree yet , and ZZ has not shown her speed going no where. They may think they have a demented Panda on their hands.. Since they would not let ZZ fly the plane after she drove the forklift so well, maybe if they let drive the truck on the last leg of the journey she might be more settled.

If there is a golf cart handy you could take her for a drive.. It is written that JAR file can be downloaded here, but it doesn’t. Where can I download jar file? I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available once again! It has been updated in GitHub. Let me know if you run into any more problems or if there’s anything else I can do to help! Upon inspection of comitnmuy voting process a process of which I am not a fan , I noticed that there was very little legitimate feedback in the comments.

This is very poor feed back. Many of the voters are upvoting designs that are sensationalist and flashy, but actually provide little aesthetic or poor architecture and may ultimately not be the right solution for the data that exists. I would urge you when voting for entries to answer a few questions about the design:What scenarios is the site designed for?

Is the intended design appropriate for the target audience? Does the style achieve the desired effect? What are the pros and cons of each design? Does the design use extraneous amounts of data in one place ie, information overload? Is it easy to scan? Is the typography clear? Can you find a takano’s github in under 4 seconds? Remember, there is more to design than just fancy graphics. Don’t forget architecture, speed, usability, maintainability, and others.

It’s important that you be respectful in your critique. In any well-done critique, we see two themes that run concurrently: the positive impressions the design leaves on the critic and the concerns the critic has about the design’s direction.

This balances hard-to-hear criticism with the good things the design owner did. In both cases, the critic goes beyond a simple statement and provides good justification for their thinking, to bring it more value. I’d like to use docviewer. On the other hand, AJAX page loading does work with iframe-generated crocodocs. What’s going on here? I am evaluating crocodoc product for a set of image only PDFs and will like to disallow users from copying, saving, or printing the images.

Hi Sam, We can disable text selection, which will help to reduce the possibility of copying the text, and we can disable download, which will help to avoid people saving the documents.

Engelsk og 9 andre. Udgiver: SimulaM. Del Indlejr. Anmod om adgang. Horse Care Care for your horse by grooming, feeding and treating it. Build a bond together in a wide range of interactive activities. Lessons in the riding ring After you have everything done with your horse, you’ll get a riding lesson. In the course you’ll show your skill at riding, try to follow the riding line as closely as possible and thereby try to achieve the best time.

Competitions Exciting show jumping events are waiting for you! Practice makes perfect as you train to compete in a series of challenging competitions. Keeping your horse happy and healthy is the key to success! Will you reach the World Championships?

Horse Shelter looks amazing. Watch how your horse moves and how its ears tell you its mood. Marvel at the Pinto horses — each one looking unique. Or soak up the atmosphere during a prestigious show jumping competition. Se alle. Vis alle. Klik her for at se dem. Der er ingen anmeldelser af dette produkt.



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WebDownload EA app Få mere at vide Pc-spil Udvalgte pc-spil Battlefield Battlefield™ F1® 22 F1® 22 FIFA 23 FIFA 23 Opdag flere fantastiske spil til pc. Ligegyldigt . WebSpil heste. Sadl op, og gør dig klar til løbene! Du vil bestemt ikke kede dig! Kræver ikke download. Spil gratis på din computer eller smartphone på replace.me! WebMac-computerspil til download – Officielt EA-website. Fra vild fantasi til konkurrencesport – få del i spændingen ved EA’s mest populære spil til Mac! Slip fantasien løs i The Sims 4, .


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