Ceramic spray insulation for residential and commercial use.

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Best environment friendly coats among roof coating companies

Ceramic spray insulation for residential and commercial use.

We take great pride in being the exclusive source for CC-100. Additionally, CC-100 is sold through a worldwide network of accredited distributors and applicators.

Environmentally friendly non-toxic / no voc’s spray on insulation superior adhesion safe for skin about us contact us insulating the world with contact chemical resistant, non-flammable, mold and mildew-resistant materials to save energy and the environment

A radiant heat barrier protection covering with exceptional insulating qualities is Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100. Astonishing features of this device have drawn attention, and both industrial and domestic applications are numerous.

In comparison tests, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 outperformed 4 inches of R-20 foam with just a 20 mil application, and it also removes radiant heat. Additionally, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 keeps its high tensile strength and flexibility across a broad temperature range. The product maintains its durability while functioning as a reliable thermal and acoustic barrier.

Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is non-toxic and free of volatile organic chemicals and cancer-causing substances. Without shutting down the plant, our one-component treatment can be sprayed straight onto hot surfaces.


a radiant heat barrier that also protects against UV rays, sound, and insulation


Defend vehicles from weather, dangerous substances, and rust

DON’T BE DUMMIE BY THE COPIES!With just one product, Envirotrol CC100 meets the majority of insulating and sound-dampening needs. CC100 is a USDA, FDA (NSF), and ASTM certified ceramic filled latex coating that complies with environmental safety regulations. Direct application of CC100 to the substrate eliminates corrosion behind insulation. This drastically lowers life cycle cost by raising long-term efficiency.

The CC100 is a versatile item. Excellent in controlling corrosion and humidity, it also lowers surface temperatures for worker safety. Many of the competing brands’ items are singularly functional. They might not cover all the bases when it comes to having a complete soundproofing and insulating barrier.

Just mixing some ceramic powder with a latex resin won’t provide a superb insulating and sound-dampening ceramic coating, so keep that in mind. There have been over 20 years of Envirotrol’s operations. Our network of certified installers, along with the excellence and adaptability of CC100, have contributed to our success. You can almost certainly count on a high-quality installation because we have our installers go through extensive product and installation training.

  • Simple application using common spray equipment
  • Able to be used on hot surfaces
  • Plant closures are not required for application
  • Simple to maintain and repair
  • Conserves space and heat energy
  • Makes it easier to visually evaluate heated surfaces
  • Minimal flame spread and non-combustible
  • Lowers the temperature in the workplace
  • Protects staff members from hot piping
  • Can have an epoxy and polyurethane topcoat.
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Provides corrosion protection
  • Damping of sound
  • Only minimal surface preparation is required.
  • Better adherence
  • Exceptional adaptability
  • Can have a waterborne topcoat applied to it.
  • Conducted tests in unbiased laboratories

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