Building up a Foreign-Owned Restaurant Business in Beijing

 Building up a Foreign-Owned Restaurant Business in Beijing


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For us all (unfamiliar) ‘local people’ in Beijing, we have seen the huge development in unfamiliar claimed eateries in the course of recent years. Not exclusively are such foundations famous (and entirely productive), they are adding health insurance in China for foreigners to the worldwide food and standpoint of the country’s capital. In this article, we layout the different strategies needed to set up an eatery. (There are options in setting up an administration office first, then, at that point, a café as a part of the workplace; notwithstanding, we will examine this in later articles.)




To build up a café, the proprietor should conclude what sort of substance will claim and work the foundation. In China, this is considerably more troublesome than in different business sectors, for example, the US, where people can claim and work organizations. Luckily, the café business is very open and the working substance might be either a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) (claimed by an organization or individual) or a Joint Venture (JV) (if banding together up with a Chinese public), however it isn’t feasible for an outsider to possess the eatery business straightforwardly as a sole ownership. Further, to open an eatery, there are extra licenses and endorsements that are important notwithstanding the customary prerequisites of a restricted responsibility organization. In any case, when the organization is set up with the legitimate business scope and enrolled capital, it very well may be utilized to open extra branches, however, obviously, each branch will require specific endorsements for that particular area (see beneath Health and Hygiene, Environmental Impact, and so on)

Except if there are convincing reasons in any case, like finding and believing an appropriate Chinese accomplice, the WFOE, a restricted responsibility organization entirely possessed by the financial backer, is the probable decision for outsiders, as it offers the most independence. Albeit already very normal tragically still predominant, for effortlessness, numerous outsiders select to permit Chinese accomplices to open the café as a homegrown (Chinese) organization. For this situation, the Chinese partner(s) will be sole shareholder(s) of the organization, leaving the unfamiliar financial backer with no legitimate possession freedoms. (Given the frequently exceptionally enormous forthright close to home venture, we alert financial backers to consider the suitability of such a possession structure.)




In sequential request, the accompanying techniques should happen before foundation of the business element, itself:

  1. I) Apply and get organization name endorsement warning with the Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce (BAIC)

The name (in Chinese) will be in made out of, and in the accompanying request:

Section 1 – City of WFOE: For this situation it would be: Beijing; Part 2 – Company name (for example Bill’s BBQ); Part 3 – Business type (for example Eatery); Part 4 – Form of association (for example Restricted Liability Company).

All together, the Registered Chinese name would peruse: Beijing Bill’s BBQ Restaurant Co., Ltd.

It is fitting that the candidate picks something like three names to be checked for accessibility. The organization name ought to be steady with the genuine business type, and ought not unequivocally or certainly venture past the extent of business.


  1. ii) Selecting a Restaurant Location


The area of the eatery is clearly significant from a business stance, however in light of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau’s (BMEPB) guidelines assuming the café is situated close to local locations (inside 50 meters), the inhabitants should support. Now there are no guidelines characterizing “endorsement by the inhabitants”, and, presently, the BMEPB has viewed the accompanying as adequate (contingent upon the conditions): overview or finished poll of occupants, and endorsement letter by the neighborhood inhabitants affiliation.


iii) Apply and Obtain Health and Food Hygiene License with the Municipal Health Bureau


Different documentation should be outfitted, including yet not restricted to the area and site guide of the café and the eatery’s interior wellbeing and security rules. Inside 10 days of the reports accommodation, the Health Bureau will tell candidate and orchestrate the on location examination. The essential spaces of review will incorporate the cleanliness and security of; 1) crude food sources arrangement region; 2) kitchen region; 3) representative evolving region; 4) fixture and sink region; and 5) garbage removal region. Reviewers ought to give an on-the-spot rundown of rebelliousness and suggestions to cure the circumstance. For specific minor issues, an accommodation of a photograph by the candidate of the changed region should get the job done, in order to not need a second visit by the assessor. Warning of endorsement, expecting all spaces of examination don’t need rehash visits, ought to be inside 20 days.


  1. iv) Alcohol Permit Registration


However the enlistment of Alcohol Permit won’t be finished until later issuance of the permit to operate, Tax Registration Permit, and Health and Food Hygiene License, the candidate should mirror its goal to sell liquor in the Health and Hygiene application. The Health and Food Hygiene License application should remember the endorsed phrasing for the business degree to take note of that it will sell liquor.


  1. v) Environmental Protections (EP) Examination and Approval (District Level)


Café applications don’t need a different EP Impact Report. The two structures required include: 1) Environmental Impact Application structure – to be finished by the candidate; and 2) Environmental Impact Report Form – to be finished and stepped by an approved ecological assessment element.

The Report Form will basically look at, among others, the accompanying: a natural assessment of the indoor and open air environmental elements and close by building, an ecological examination of the site, potential and future natural effect of the environmental elements, and suggestions for natural insurance. The essential focal point of the ecological effect application is to evaluate potential and genuine commotion and water contamination, fire assurance, and garbage removal of the site.

In choosing a café area (see above) it is critical to take note of that the open air smoke ventilation exhaust installation will be situated somewhere around 20 meters from any home or over any neighborhood.


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