American Salon and Spa Equipment Wholesale

American Salon and Spa Equipment Wholesale

Many American spa and salon equipment outlets will sell used or wholesale at wholesale prices. Keller International is one such company out of New York. You will find amazing deals such as the Hydraulic Styling chair – K1039. This chair will give your salon or spa a modern, sleek look. This chair comes with a G2 hydraulic pump, which allows you to easily adjust the height and direction of the chair. The Seat Back measures 19 inches wide by 17 inches high. The cushion’s width is 19 inches and its depth is 19 inches. The chair’s height can be adjusted from 21″ up to 27″.

The All In One Back Wash Shampoo Unit K4500 has a modern design. It features a fiberglass base and tilting porcelain bowl. For maximum comfort, the seat can be adjusted easily. The unit’s total vaporizer wholesale floor area is 50 inches in length. From the top to the base, the unit measures 36 inches high. 26 inches in width. The bowl measures 19 inches wide by 11 inches deep. These units are beautifully crafted and will add a unique touch to any spa or salon decor.

Kayline Space Save Manicure Table-KL-G609 can be used in a salon or spa that has limited space. This unit includes 5 removable trays and a 7-inch wide storage cabinet. Two pockets are located on the exterior. Twin wheel casters mount the steel frame on the wheels. The unit includes a 19-bottle polish display, a lamp, and an armrest. It measures 31 inches high by 16 inches wide. The unit can be used to save space in your salon, spa, or office while still adding professionalism and class. This is a sweet deal because you can buy wholesale or use it at a low price.

Aroma Facial Steamer offers the ultimate in aromatherapy spa experiences. There are three levels of vapor to choose from. The steamer spray arm also features an LCD LCD display and a digitally controlled timer. The steamer spray arm can also be adjusted. You can also steam in aromatic oils from the reservoir. The steamer can be adjusted in height from 32 to 44 inches. The spray arm measures 24 inches in length.

Keller International is just one of many online sites selling used and wholesale salon and spa equipment. You can save money when you buy your equipment wholesale. You can save money by doing your research, comparing and being patient.


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