“Kuamoo Road” …He Always Looked As If He Was Expecting Life To Begin and Someone To Arrive: A Song


On Kauai, where I resided until last year, there used to be this man who remained toward the start of Kuamoo Road in Kapaa. He was consistently there… no matter what. He had a folding chair and hiking bed. Remaining close to the traffic signal he generally looked as though he was sitting tight for somebody, consistently with an eager look all over. I would frequently see him with a styrofoam holder with lunch or supper so he probably had cash or somebody helping him. I heard there were individuals who helped him. An alien to me but I some way or another realized him very much like every other person who passed that spot and depended on his being there. I moved back to California for a spell and when I got back to Kauai he was no more. I heard he turned out to be very threatening to individuals and was made to leave. I never figured out what befell him or where he twisted up or on the other hand on the off chance that he found what he what or who he was searching for.


I composed this melody about him and one  인천룸싸롱lady I met while in California, a complicated lady who didn’t stand by, not so much for anything. I guess it is truly about all of us or who we decide to be out of the blue; we trust; we pause, we expect or we have days we don’t.


“Kuamoo Road”


a melody:


There is a man who pauses

at the stem of Kuamoo Road

also, he is pausing

for his life

to start.


There is a lady who sits in obscurity

furthermore, she drinks in isolation,

she is sitting tight for

her life

to end.


I remain solitary

in shadows

also, I sketch out their edges

sitting close

in the mystery

of camouflage.


I’ll be a lilac

be basically a petal

or on the other hand an amaranth


I will cherish all

the examples found

as I fly

so exceptionally far away.

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