China Jewish Heritage Tour


Jewish had a long history in China starting from the presentation through the Silk Street in the seventh 100 years. The Jewish right off the bat got comfortable Chang’an (present day Xi’an) that was the biggest city on the planet then. Afterward, the Jewish spread to different urban areas in China. Today Jewish legacies have been found in Dunhuang, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Harbin and Quanzhou. In as of late Chinese history, Shanghai turned into the most renowned city for Jewish individuals due to its camp for Jewish outcasts in the WWII. Today there is a Jewish Region staying in Shanghai that draws in numerous Jewish travelers.


Presently, an ever increasing number of Jewish vacationers come to China to honor the previous existence and fellowship between Chinese individuals and Jewish individuals. An ordinary China Jewish Legacy Visit is suggested as follows:


Day 1 Show up in Beijing

Day 2: Entire day in Beijing: Prohibited City, Tiananmen  china travel, Summer Castle.

Day 3: Incredible Wall visit: Extraordinary Wall Ming TombsM, Kung Fu Show.

Day 4: Fly to Zhengzhou. Visit Common Gallery, Shabbat administration and supper with a nearby Jewish family.

Day 5: Zhengzhou – Kaifeng – Luoyang. Visit the temple complex of Jewish People group. Go to Luoyang

Day 6: Luoyang visit to Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Sanctuary, with a Kung Fu execution.

Day 7: Take delicate seat train to Xian. Visit City Wall.

Day 8: Earthenware Fighters and Ponies, Huaqing Natural aquifers, Banpo Historical center, Tang Administration Show and Dumpling supper.

Day 9: Fly to Shanghai. Take a Jewish legacy visit to the milestone developments and destinations in the set of experiences. After supper, continue for a city visit to Pudong New Locale – Shanghai’s vitally monetary region and partake in a grand night journey on Huangpu Stream.

Day 10: Visit the widely popular waterfront – The Bund. Leisure time at Nanjing Street.

Day 11: Leave

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