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DEMARCO – WINE PON DI TING (REMASTERED) LYRICS Catch pon di edge gal mek up your face And just wine my wine mi gal wine my wine it up A just wine weh you. List contains Wine pon mi body song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Demarco – Wine Pon Di Ting Lyrics Wine pon di thing gal wine pon di. Ringtone – Wine Pon Di Ting from the “Reggae” category for your mobile. Download. Similar Ringtones: Demarco – wine pon di ting.


Wine pon di tiki lyrics

Spice – Wine Up Mi Body Lyrics Cause him love it when mi wine, when mi shake my behind Him it when mi drop it and a tic it pon time How mi bum it and a bend up like a snake pon a vine Mi a wine up mi body and a go down low Mi just a bum it and a kotch it And a tip paw mi toe Gyal your man love it when mi wine up mi body And a bum pon the buddy and put on a show Mi just a Recently Added. Spice – Go Down Deh Lyrics Wine pon yuh good mek sweat a drip off a mi body yeh How yuh demarco wine pon di ting download a chat an yuh cya keep up wid mi energy Ah nuh demarco wine pon di ting download but woman yuh fi dip so Ah nuh disco, free up yuh hips so Mek yuh finga tou Popular Song Download keytool.exe for windows 10.


Wine pon mi body lyrics

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